Wander freely amongst wildlife on 2500ha of ancient African Wilderness.

One of the few wildlife reserves where you are free to walk with or without a guide on 13 spectacular trails.


Our guided archaeological trail offers an enlightening and mystical venture into the past. With seven rock art sites where there are Bushman (San) paintings and Khoe Khoe hand and foot paintings and three sites where there is evidence of habitation. The paintings are between 200 and 2000 years old.


Wind up mountains, over rocky terrain, through forests, across plains and down deep gullies. Designed by Devlinn Fogg of BikeLife, this ride covers more than 12km with plenty of opportunities for close encounters of the wildest kind. Spectacular!


Integrating tracking, birding, medicinal plants, trees and archaeology.


Expect to see long-lashed giraffe, dazzling zebra, whacky wildebeest, regal kudu bulls and with luck our elusive leopard. Antelope include kudu, waterbuck, mountain reedbuck and impala while common and red duiker, Sharpe’s grysbok and klipspringer count among the smaller antelope species. Our night drives may reveal civets, genets and African wild cats, brown hyena, porcupines and honey badgers as well as the delightful aardvark.


Get your feet above the clouds and explore our extensive mountain top network of marked trails that take you through a diverse array of landscapes and ecosystems. Run along spectacular paths through forests, across plains and down breathtaking gorges with sparkling pools.


Join us for an evening of stargazing and exploration of the splendours of the Universe. Our resident guide will take you on an unforgettable tour of the constellations and their mythologies.


Leshiba offers an indulgent range of therapies designed to relax the body, soothe the spirit, improve muscle tone and evoke a feeling of well-being. Our two therapists, Nancy and Mulalo, will ease and rejuvenate tired limbs and help calm your mind, creating a natural harmony within.


Experience a day trip off the mountain and visit local wood carvers and artists or travel north east to see the giant Baobab at Sagole, the largest Baobab tree in South Africa. For a cultural and mystical adventure, head to Lake Fundudzi - a majestic and sacred Venda site surrounded by the mythical Thathe Vondo forest.  Lake Fundudzi is held sacred by the Vhatatsindi, the People of the Pool.  It’s shores are not often visited and newcomers who venture there are asked to turn their backs on the lake and view the water from between their legs for myth holds that it is protected by a guardian white crocodile and a great albino python god who live in its depths. 


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