Tree Course at Leshiba

This course is for anybody who wants to learn about how to identify trees using the simplest system possible. It is for the layman and anyone who would like to add to their knowledge of trees by having access to one of the top 10 areas of the country for endemic species.

You will not be memorising long scientific names but rather learning the methodology of identification. Once you have the means to find the correct tree, the names will fall into place. 

About Peter Straughan

Peter Straughan is the Soutpansberg’s very own ‘bush-man’. Self-taught and passionate about the environment, Pete has lived at Leshiba for the past 29 years. He does not have an office or a computer and is in the Stone Age when it comes to tech but he lives and breathes everything wild. 

Peter represents a different era when living off the land was crucial to our survival. When there are no clear answers to a problem, Pete will find a solution and put it into action. He is committed to saving our endangered species and being a caretaker of this mountain. He truly ‘sees’ what is around him. 

Peter likes to look at plants and trees for their functional, medicinal and dietary value. He has a wealth of information to share. His love for trees is contagious and by the end of this course you will have all the tools you need to be a budding botanist.